10013788_sElder law is an extremely broad area of law that includes any legal issue concerning older adults and their loved ones. Elder law involves various areas of law such as estate planning, guardianship, nursing home neglect, housing transitions, Medicaid planning, probate, real estate, and retirement planning.

At Nepa & McGraw, practicing elder law refers to meeting the standard legal needs affecting the elderly and disabled individuals, as well as their families. It means securing high quality health care benefits and services for elderly patients, minimizing the costs of the elderly and their families, and thoroughly taking care of their general estate planning needs, such as Powers of Attorney, Wills, and various contracts and agreements.

Our team of attorneys at Nepa & McGraw, PC possesses a deep understanding of the senior population and their unique needs, thus being able to compassionately and thoroughly address their social, financial, and legal concerns. We are knowledgeable in state laws and community-based programs that exist for the elderly. We have the necessary experience and training to help our clients create strategies that can weather any storm, and that can meet both their short-term and long-term goals.

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