14626279_sPennsylvania is home to an abundance of natural resources such as gas, oil, and coal, all found below the surface. In lieu of this, numerous oil and gas offer compensation to landowners in exchange for use of their land and for the resources found underneath.

Our attorneys at Nepa & McGraw are experienced in assisting landowners who may feel pressured by oil and gas companies who wish to gain access to their land. If you are a landowner looking to lease or sell mineral rights to a particular mining or drilling company, then it would be most beneficial to call for legal assistance from a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with negotiating these matters.

Instead of having the oil or gas companies explain the contract terms to you, allow our team of knowledgeable attorneys to discuss the situation with you in detail in order to help you better understand your options. We will help you secure the most beneficial agreement possible in exchange for the access to the oil or gas found below your property. If the existing contract terms do not recognize the full potential and value of your land, then we will help you negotiate new terms in order for you to obtain what you truly deserve.

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